Life Members of Blacktown City Swimming Club Inc.

Life Members

From left to right: Val Fenbow, Juanita De Vries, Jeanette Bruest, Carolyn Cleland, Faye Asllop, Enid Parker, Faye Lewis, Brian Hosford, Karen Walsh, Gordon Fenbow and Alan Walsh 

Club Patron - Stephen Bali (Mayor of Blacktown City)

Honorary Life Members

Hon. Mayor Stephen Bali

Goria Byrson

Glad Pye

Jim Pye (deceased)

Life Members

Faye Allsop

Jeanette Breust

Juanita De Vries

Gordon Fenbow

Val Fenbow (deceased)

George Ford (deceased)

Ros Grant (deceased)

Win Grant

Brian Hosford

Stephen Hutchison

Faye Lewis

Gerry McDonald (deceased)

Enid Parker

Colleen Towsend (deceased)

Midge Treu

Tess Tuckwell

Technical Officials

Faye Lewis (FINA Referee)

Gordon Fenbow (Referee)

Val Fenbow (Referee)

Brian Hosford (Referee)

Richard Galea (Starter, Meet Director, Check Starter and Marshalling)

Karen Walsh (Referee)

Alan Walsh (Referee)

Karen Smith (Time Keeper)




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