General Information


Equipment needed during training sessions comprises: kick-board, flippers, pull-buoy, goggles, water bottles and hand-paddles.  However, before you purchase any of this equipment, consult your child’s coach. 

The Club requests that swimmers compete in the Club Swim Cap.  Swimmers swimming at District level and above must compete in the Club Swim Cap at all times. 

Carnival Entries:

How to choose carnivals:  

The NSW Swimming website contains details of Swim Meets available throughout NSW on the page Calendar.  You will also find carnivals on the Swimming Metro South West website.

Consult the Club’s Newsletter and Website Club Calender for programmes of forthcoming meets. See the Race Secretary or email for further information of carnivals and meets. If you are unsure whether a meet is suitable for your swimmer, discuss with your child's swimming coach.  

Meet Programmes:  

The meet programme should contain the following details about the swim meet, which you will need for completion of your entries:

Entry conditions:  

Check the entry conditions carefully - some meets have restrictions on how many and which events competitors may enter.   Remember, qualifying times are times you must have already achieved or bettered.  They are not merely an estimate.


Entry fees are charged on a per event basis.  Consult individual Meet flyers for race entry, pool entry and any other associated costs.  

Closing Date:  

Our Club’s closing dates are earlier than those stated on the NSW Swimming website.  The Newsletter states the CLOSING DATE (for selected carnivals) for submission of entries to the Race Secretary. Closing dates are set as late as possible in order to allow swimmers to use their latest times as entry times, hence NO EXTENSIONS OF CLOSING TIME can be given. When ever possible we will give closing dates for entries on the home page of this site.

If no closing time has been given, first check with the Race Secretary. Generally entries need to be lodged with the Club no later than one week prior to the date stated on the NSW Swimming website  The Race Secretary does need time to verify entry times and then send entries by post. More time is needed for Metropolitan level and above.

Some meets are marked POST Entries, which means that all entries are submitted on the day of the meet, fees are paid directly to the meet organiser with entries.

How to fill Entry Cards: 

Entry Cards for both Club Night and Carnivals can be obtained on Friday Race Nights or from the Race Secretary during the week during squad training sessions.

Complete these sections carefully and legibly:

                 i.  Entry time may need to have been achieved since a specified date. Check entry conditions on meet flyer.

                ii.  Date and place of achieving that time is necessary for Multi Entry cards

                iii.  Unless otherwise indicated in the entry conditions on the meet programme, Club Night times are acceptable as entry times.

Where the date and place of Entry time is required by the Meet Organiser to be verified (usually District, Metropolitan State and above), incomplete cards will not be accepted by the Race Secretary.

Click here to view Race Card entry

Submission of entry Cards:  

Place completed entry cards plus entry fees in an envelope.  Write clearly on the envelope the name of the swimmer, the name and date of the Swim Meet and the amount included.  Completed cards may be handed to the Race Secretary or placed in the yellow Club Box at the Pool Entry desk on or before the Club’s closing date.

You are required to submit ALL entries for any swim meet though the Race Secretary unless submitting entries ONLINE. 

Please read the Club’s Race Rules.  This ensures that others attending the same Swim Meet can be made aware that you are attending and it also ensures that the results of the swim meet are returned to the Club for future reference.  Discuss with the Race Secretary any UNUSUAL circumstances that affect you being able to submit cards in this manner.

The Race Secretary submits a single Club cheque to cover the total of the Club’s entry fees and Club Summary Sheet to the meet organiser.  This assists the meet organiser to manage their time efficiently.

Note that no refunds on entry fees can be given after these have been submitted to the Club except under extenuating circumstances. Further, no refunds at all can be given once the Club has paid entry fees to the meet organiser.

Meet Procedure:

The procedures for entering meets are not really as daunting as they may seem - you will find it more daunting entering a meet without knowing the rules.  Check relevant programmes etc.

Warm Up:  

Arrive at the meet at warm-up time (as shown on the meet programme) and report to the coach for warm-up. This is normally 15 to 20 minutes prior to the official commencement of warm-up.


Obtain a programme or view the meet on the App Meet Mobile (a fee is involved) and check your name against your entered events. If your name is missing from an event you have entered, report the omission to the Officials desk.


To withdraw from a particular event go to the Withdrawals Official at least 15 minutes before the start of the first event for the first three (3) events, and for subsequent events at least three (3) events (or more - actual number specified in Meet Rules and Conditions) prior to the start of the event from which you intend to withdraw.

If you are unable to attend the meet, notify the Race Secretary in advance so that you can be withdrawn. Failure to withdraw or late withdrawals can cause problems for the meet officials. In particular, knowledge of withdrawals permits races to be re-seeded, often reducing the length of races and permitting swimmers of similar standard to swim against each other.


Swimmers are marshalled for each event several events ahead of their event via the Claims procedure. The procedure is:


Procedures vary - study the Competitors Starting Procedures in the front of the meet program. The FINA one-start rule (i.e. automatic disqualification when the referee determines that a false start has been made by a swimmer) generally applies except in some novice events. 

Record Keeping:

Keeping record of events entered:   Keep a record of which carnivals / events you have entered, as swimmers are not reminded of which meets they have entered. However, should you need to check whether you have entered a particular carnival, the Race Secretary keeps a copy of the meet Summary Sheet which shows details of the Club’s entries for each individual carnival.

If a swimmer has not swum an event previously, he or she should use the abbreviation NT (No Time)

Keeping a record of results:

Swim meets generally have all their results managed by computer, usually via the software package ‘Meet Manager’ and 'Team Manager'. The official times will usually be posted at the meet as they become available, generally several events later. Note down all your times, if possible, before leaving the meet. Times will also be forwarded to the Club. Be advised, however, that there may be a delay of a week or more, during which time you may need entry times for another meet! 

The Club endeavours to give publicity to our swimmers who achieve medals or who achieve qualifying times for Nationals (Age & Open) for the first time at swim meets in our Newsletter.  However, not everyone attends every swim meet.  It is therefore important that those attending a swim meet decide who will record results and forward them (no later than Monday pm after the Meet) to the Publicity Officer. 

Achievements Record:  

You will need to keep a record of all your personal best swim times together with full details of date, meet, whether short or long-course, etc so that you can celebrate your improvement and accurately complete swim entry cards.  All results are also kept by the Race Secretary if you need times. 

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